Friday, February 27, 2009

Carpet Area, Built-up Area/Plinth Area and Super Built-up Area

We continue with our quest for a better understanding of the jargons used during purchase of apartments. One other confusing scenario arises when the builders/sellers mention the area of the apartments. 

The area in SQFT which the (Chennai) builders mention is usually the Super Built-up Area, which is much higher than the actual area you get to use within the apartment. The actual area which a person can use within the apartment, excluding area taken up by the walls is called the Carpet Area.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

FAQ : UDS - Undivided Share

There are a lot of real estate jargons thrown around, when going in for purchase of apartments. Buyers need to be aware of the meaning of such jargons, since better understanding of these terms enables them to filter the available deals and narrow down the best one, suitable for their needs. 

One such term which the buyer needs to be well aware of is "UDS" or "Undivided Share"

The FAQ section of provides the answers for common questions related to UDS, like...

If you have any specific question related to your home purchase, which is not already in the FAQ, do get in touch with us at admin [at] placetostay [dot] in or post a comment here, in this blog, so that we add them to the FAQ.

Thursday, February 19, 2009 showcases Fairpro '09 projects

During Fairpro '09 Exhibition, where about 45 builders showcased their projects, we lauched is focussed on providing details on apartments, semi-indepedent and independent homes available for sale. The details made available by the builders at Fairpro '09 are being uploaded to the site. Each project also has a discussion thread, where visitors could post queries/answers about the project.

One can narrow down projects based on the locality using the map view, made possible by Google Maps.

This listing service is provided free of cost. To enlist your service or in case you have any queries, kindly get in touch with us

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