Friday, September 4, 2009

XS Real FairSquare - K at Kovilambakkam offers "Free Maintenance for life"

XS Real's FairSquare has come up innovative concept to enable "Free Maintenance for life" at it's FairSquare - K project in Kovilambakkam, off Pallavaram - Thoraipakkam 200' Radial Road in Chennai.

The projects consists of 32 apartments coming up on 8 blocks on Stilt + 2 floors. Apart from these 4 apartments on each block which are for sale, there will one Studio apartment on the Stilt level, which is common for all the units in that block. This Studio apartment can be let out to cover the maintenance charges for that block and hence offering "Free Maintenance for life".

More on rates, location map at : Details of XS Real's FairSquare - K project in Kovilambakkam

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