Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DLF tries to answer a few questions via Express Buzz

DLF tries to answer a few questions on the Garden City project, via The New Indian Express..

>> 3. Club which was lifetime free at time of booking turned out to be 2 year annual payments . Ask them why?
>>  (MoneyControl) Also; clubhouse facilities, which DLF claimed were exclusively for buyers' use, is now being thrown open to outsiders as well.
On the issue of operational model of the club, Raman said that limited period membership gets linked to ownership of the apartment and was therefore beneficial to the operation of the club.
(Frankly though, I cannot comprehend how that addresses the issues raised : 2 years memberships given instead of lifetime and open for outsiders instead of being exclusive).

>> 4. A 5 acre forest land inside the complex was shown in initial brochures by DLF to be their own. Now we've discovered that it belongs to a freedom fighter whom they are trying to buy it off from. Is this legal? It is clear .. I don't want to call the number.
Last, on the question mark on the "5 acres within the site", Raman said that "parcel of land does not form part of the existing project" though the company was in the process of acquiring that piece of land.

>> 5. A short 2KM, 60 ft approach road to the project was promised. Now it seems people will have to travel another 16 km additionally each day. Clear breach of misleading and amounts to breach of contract if any.
"We are waiting for some unauthorized construction along the road to be demolished, as soon as that’s carried out by the authorities, the approach road would be broadened to 60 feet," a DLF executive at the site told The New Indian Express.

>> 8. DLF claims we are speculators/investors. We are infact end users.
>> (LiveMint) To get a clarity on the number of buyers wanting a refund, the group members have conducted a poll among the Google Group members to arrive at the total number who have actually asked for a refund - 561. DLF is said to have expected less than 100.
"The majority of the customers who had booked apartments in Gardencity are endusers and they have appreciated and benefited from the attractive price rebate that DLF announced recently." Raman said the remaining 150 or so who have sought exit would be allowed to do so in a planned manner as DLF was keen to see only end-users ending up owning homes in Gardencity DLF-OMR.

As for those who had applied to exit the project they are being phased out of the project at a certain number per week basis even as some who had applied to exit are believed to have re-applied to re-enter the project.
>> (MoneyControl) buyers want an Undivided Share of Land clause to be signed by the company.
"There are various risks attached to the undivided share sale and construction contract route. We feel it is in the overall interest of the project and customer that a consolidated conveyance of the apartment, parking rights and undivided share of land is done after receipt of the certificate for use and occupation of the buildings, as we have indicated in the application form."

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