Friday, April 17, 2009

Alliance Gardens vs Akshaya Adena - Battle for the Senior Citizen market

With Alliance Group announcing the launch of its project at Anna Nagar Extension, Alliance Gardens for Senior Citizens, touting the project to be "A unique residential project" and "first project of its kind in the country", Akshaya Homes - was quick to hop on and announce its plans of its upcoming project Akshaya Adena at Padur (on OMR) for Senior Citizens.

While the Alliance Gardens project in Padi/Anna Nagar Extension, offers 225 senior-citizen friendly apartments, Akshaya Adena, to come up right behind its Adair project, offers 145 apartments on its Padur project which have been designed to suit the needs of the elderly.

At Alliance Gardens there will be a 24x7 nursing centre along with a doctor's consultation room and an ambulance service through tie-ups with corporate hospitals, whereas Akshaya's project plans to sell at least one flat to a doctor who will be asked to run a clinic on the premises. Not sure if that doctor will be one with around 5 decades of experience - I mean a senior citizen ;-). Jokes apart, while Akshaya's approach is a creative answer to the need, my personal opinion is that Alliance's approach is better in this aspect. Probably, Akshaya too can sell/rent an apartment out to corporate hospitals, so as to house something on the lines of Apollo Clinics.

Other common features in both the projects include anti-skid tiles, rails/grab-bars in bathrooms.

Regarding Akshaya's project that, "A seat would also be provided inside the bathroom for people to sit and take bath. In the kitchen, we will provide trolleys for moving gas cylinders.", seems just a normal convenience. Anyone can buy a good plastic chair to suit the elderly and a gas-cylinder trolley is becoming common in almost all houses old/new.

Similarly designing homes without sharp edges seems essential for homes, not just for elderly, but also for children safety. Having said that, it not uncommon for builders to ignore such aspects in their constructions and it is good that Akshaya is looking into those finer details.

Also, Akshaya's feature of ramps with railings, instead of steps, inside the building is surely a very good feature.

Some features like "panic alarm buttons" mentioned as part of the Alliance Gardens and can also be replicated by Akshaya in its Adena project.

Alliance Gardens project also touts common dining halls offering multi-cuisine and nutritional meals at cost to residents as and when they don’t feel like cooking at home, which will sure benefit senior citizens. Akshaya's quick response to media does not mention anything to address this aspect, but hopefully they address this point too, when they make the official launch.

Akshaya's project offers apartments in sizes ranging from 650 sqft to 1100 sqft and priced at Rs.18 lakhs to Rs 30 lakhs (plus registration charges), while Alliance offers apartments of 650 sqft to 890 sqft in size and priced at Rs 19.5 lakhs to Rs 26.7 lakhs.

Located at different ends of Chennai, Alliance Gardens and Akshaya Adena are sure good options for senior citizens planning on their peaceful retirement.

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