Friday, April 24, 2009

Low prices now come with a price guarantee !!

Many projects in the city had annouced price cuts recently, including DLF for its Garden City project and Arihant for its Heirloom project.

Buyers waiting for the prices to fall further, before they commit themselves to a project, has now become a matter of concern to builders. 

Doshi Housing, which announced the Phase II of the Nakshatra project in Tambaram has come up with a "Price Guarantee" scheme to address this issue. Its ad read "If the price falls further, you get the lower price". (Read details of Doshi Nakshatra II in the Budget Homes Blog)

Growing Trends

A comparison of the Phase I and Phase II of Doshi Nakshatra, as given in the table below..

Phase IPhase II
Minimum number of BRs2-BR1-BR
Minimum Size1155 sqft555 sqft
Minimum Total Rate34 Lakhs15.5 Lakhs

..throws light on the growing trend towards smaller affordable homes. And a further offer of price guarantee, like the one offered by Doshi Housing, should trigger commitments from buyers.

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